Tebrau Teguh Berhad is best described as a diversified property developer and construction group. This symbiotic relationship as both developer and builder, have given Tebrau Teguh Berhad the edge in experience and its solid relationship within the industry. This has enabled Tebrau Teguh Berhad to provide each client, with a true team effort on the project site, resulting in completed projects of the utmost quality and value.

We are based in Johor Bahru, which is within the significant growth zone, known as the Iskandar Development Region. Under this huge government initiative, Johor Bahru is set to be the fastest growing region in Malaysia.

Whilst, we predominantly operate in the Johor Bahru region, we are actively pursuing potentials in other pastures. Our employees embody - in decisions they make, in the products they build and in the services they deliver. Tebrau Teguh Berhad utilizes the competitive edge of talented professionals to ensure every advantage in the aggressive commercial marketplace

We building beautiful, modern homes - we end over to establish safe and friendly communities for our homeowners to live and grow-up in, as best we can. True to the values and commitment of Tebrau Teguh Berhad , we understand how important it is to respect traditional values such as security, variety and a "sense of place". These help create real, friendly communities that are a pleasure to live in. We developed and build according to what homebuyers actually want, not what we think they need.

As construction trends evolve, it is the duty of a professional contractor, to ensure that they provide customers with the latest and best solutions for their projects. Tebrau Teguh Berhad has a proven track record of supplying complete construction package that a tailored to the specifications of each project, employing the most up-to-date methods and technology.

Tebrau Teguh Berhad is proudly committed to playing an important part in nation-building as a developer and constructor, providing good-value, safe, quality homes and infrastructure for the public. We believe that " profit is the reward for doing things right, and doing the right thing ".

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